Leg B22 - From Sutri to Formello

The first part of the leg runs across the countryside until Monterosi. We take the path across the cultivated lands, until the Monte Gelato waterfalls, a nice green area where we can rest and have a little bath. We then enter the Veio Park, and cycle a panoramic unpaved road that leads us to Campagnano along an uphill stretch. 

We exit Campagnano along the Via di Baccano, facing a challenging ascent, before entering the area of Parco di Veio, passing next to the Madonna del Sorbo church. We cycle across the beautiful Valle del Sorbo before ascending towards the nice historic centre of Formello, where Palazzo Chigi houses a beautiful hostel. 

Resting points and water in Monterosi, Monte Gelato waterfalls and Campagnano.

Total length
34.3 km