Leg B06 - From Mortara to Pavia

From the Saint Albino Abbey, founded in the fifth century and later restored, now a leg point for the pilgrims who come from Mortara, a nice itinerary through cultivated lands and country houses, irrigation ditches and unexpected groups of trees leads us to Tromello, one of the legs of the Sigerico itinerary. 

Along the path we meet the Madonna delle Bozzole Sanctuary, and cross some carachteristic countryside villages. Pay attention to the traffic along the SP185. After Zerbolò we arrive to the confluence with River Ticino, along which we cycle in some stretches. The views on the river, together with a rich faunal variety, offer an enchanting attraction.

Water is not available outside the villages, the only resting points are in Tromello and Zerbolò. 

Total length
42.6 km