Leg B20 - From Bolsena to Viterbo

The path runs along the Via Cassia, leaving Bolsena behind and offering wonderful views on the lake. We leave the state road shortly after Montefiascone, which we reach after a long uphill stretch. The 360° view from the Tower of Pellegrini, once arrived in Montefiascone, is really exciting.

The stretch after Montefiascone is really gorgeous, on the ancient paving of Via Cassia, well mantained to this day. We then cycle a hilly stretch, with nice views on Montefiascone and Viterbo. 

Once in the lowlands we can relax in the Bagnaccio baths, a serie of hot water pools that have always been visited by pilgrims who walked on Via Francigena. Once in Viterbo, do not miss a visit to the historic centre and to the San Pellegrino district.

Water unfrequent, no resting points along the path. 

Total length
32.4 km